Bitcoin Breaks Above $35k As Litecoin and InQubeta Gather Bullish Momentum


Bitcoin’s ($BTC) comeback finally came after high volatility gave it a big push above the psychological $30,000 level. Bitcoin’s recent breakthrough has given rise to optimism that this marks the beginning of its anticipated rally before the $BTC halving event. There are also speculations that this marks the end of the market’s poor performance since the beginning of the month. This is the third time this year that $BTC has hit over $30,000.

Litecoin ($LTC) and InQubeta ($QUBE) enjoy strong performances as optimism fills the cryptocurrency market. Litecoin pocketed an impressive move towards upside resistance as $LTC moves in tandem with $BTC, while $QUBE also records a massive buying frenzy in its ongoing presale. This rise confirms increasing bullish momentum for both tokens, which could produce monster returns for investors in new DeFi projects like InQubeta.

Let’s explore the performance of $BTC, $LTC, and $QUBE.

InQubeta ($QUBE) Continues Stellar Performance In Ongoing Presale.


brings together two multi-billion-dollar industries to create one of the best crypto investment opportunities for investors. InQubeta offers the option for any investor to profit from the AI industry by investing in NFTs representing the value of AI startups. This investment model provides venture capital for startups to grow their business and ensures that investors invest in highly lucrative environments, cementing InQubeta as one of the best DeFi projects leveraging future-proof investing.

InQubeta is currently selling its $QUBE token, which gives access to its offerings, in a presale, and the event continues to impress its investors. Since the presale went live, the $QUBE token has enjoyed a constant upside rally from $0.07 to $0.0133, delivering a 90% return to initial investors. This is a remarkable performance because the project is still in its development stage and is already doing numbers that rival some of the best DeFi projects on the market.

The token is still selling at a discount price of $0.0133 and when the platform launches, $QUBE will be worth $0.0308. The possibility for new investors to gain more than 130% profits by the end of the presale showcases InQubeta’s appeal as the best crypto investment and has ignited bullish momentum. The InQubeta project has recorded so much investor confidence that the presale has achieved the million-dollar milestone, scoring over $3.8 million by selling more than 414 million tokens.

Bitcoin ($BTC) Blazes Past $33,000 Price

The anticipation that the Bitcoin halving event will usher bullish prices has made rounds in the cryptocurrency market for months. Since news of the event hit the market, investors have been positioning heavily on Bitcoin, with expectations that it will rally. With optimistic sentiment on the rise and the Bitcoin halving event set for April 2024, $BTC recently pushed through the $33,000 mark yesterday. Unfortunately, there are still fears that $BTC could plummet if it fails to hold above resistance levels. Bitcoin is currently trading at $34,600 so $35k is apon the horizon, investors are very hopeful.

Litecoin ($LTC) Pushes Higher As Bullish Sentiment Increases

It’s not news that Litecoin moves with Bitcoin, and immediately the cryptocurrency market showed bullish tendencies; Litecoin didn’t wait behind. After many weeks of bearish dominance, $LTC finally pushed upwards, highlighting increased demand among investors. On-chain data shows that the growth in the number of large-scale holders of $LTC is one of the reasons for this recovery. Since the Litecoin halving event failed to push its price as high as expected, Whales stepped in by holding more  Litecoin to stabilize its price.


Bitcoin’s recent recovery has sent tokens like Litecoin and InQubeta pushing towards higher prices due to increasing momentum in their projects. And since the direction Bitcoin trades determines the overall market’s direction, it sparks more profits for traders who invest in new DeFi projects like InQubeta if Bitcoin continues its climb. The 90% rally of $QUBE is impressive because the token is still in the presale stage of development. The AI industry’s growth and InQubeta’s connection to AI create more upside potential for the $QUBE token.

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