Coinbase’s Base Bootcamp Launches to Address Onchain Developer Shortage


Base, Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 network, has announced the beginning of Base Bootcamp, an eight-week, cohort-based program with the goal of converting experienced software engineers into smart contract developers. Base Bootcamp will focus on teaching participants how to build smart contracts. The blockchain sector is facing a large talent deficit, with less than 30,000 onchain developers compared to almost 30 million conventional software professionals. This endeavor comes at a time when the blockchain industry is facing a substantial talent shortage.

According to the official release, the program is geared for “mid to senior level software engineering individual contributors.” For the purpose of providing individualized instruction and practical experience to each student, each class will have fewer than twenty members. The deadline for submitting applications to be a part of the subsequent batch is October 27.

Applicants who are selected to participate in the program will be provided with specialized mentoring, and they will meet on a weekly basis with their mentors. They will also get access to a gated Discord channel that will let them to communicate with the other members of their cohort, as well as the Coinbase engineers and program mentors.

The material taught at Base Bootcamp expands upon the Base Camp curriculum that was made accessible to the general public earlier this year. The students will work their way through this curriculum, and in addition, they will get supplemental materials and tasks that will be graded by the Base team. Participants will create a decentralized application (dapp) for the real world during the course’s last two weeks and then show it to the other members of their cohort.

It’s interesting to note that there are no costs associated with participating in the program. However, in order to participate in the scheme, individuals are asked to provide a one-ether deposit as a kind of assurance. After completion of the course, you will get this money back.

Because there is now a dearth of onchain developers, the introduction of Base Bootcamp is quite crucial. This project, according to Base, is not simply a learning adventure but a step toward becoming an important contributor to the new internet, highlighting the need for more developers to participate in the ecosystem of decentralization.

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