Is This The Next Dogecoin?


Doge Uprising ($DUP) is a presale coin with a vibrant universe and immersive ecosystem for users to enjoy. 2023 has been the year of meme coins, with Pepe Coin soaring into the top 100 and many new tokens raising millions of dollars within their first few months of presale. Doge Uprising is bringing defiance back to crypto and looking to establish itself as a top coin with real utility, an extensive road map, a series of unique NFTs, smart staking and an original manga.

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This project is redefining the meme coin space and rewriting the rules. Doge Uprising blends a defiant spirit, immersive story, and the $DUP token seamlessly together. With an exciting and creative roadmap ahead of them, Doge Uprising isn’t simply stopping at the token. Instead, the $DUP token is at the heart of an ecosystem that spans a whole world for users to unlock.

The Story Behind The Uprising…

The year is 2045 and Mark Zuckerberg has the world under a technocratic rule, keeping a constant, vigilant eye out for potential trouble. However, hidden within the world’s shadowy recesses is the spark of an uprising. This collective of people is working tirelessly to end Zuckerberg’s oppressive reign. To do this, they’ve created Doge Mechas, huge machines to stand up and fight against Zuckerberg’s ruthless rule. In the heart of these machines lies the key to saving them all – the $DUP token.

$DUP is a digital asset serving as the lifeblood of each Doge Mecha, turning these giant metal machines into adversaries able to bring Zuckerberg’s reign to an end. Supporting the uprising through it all and providing the uprising with these invaluable $DUP tokens is Elon Musk himself.

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The uprising symbolises more than the end of Zuckerberg’s tyrannical rule, it shows humanity’s spirit for resilience, strength and determination. Doge Uprising is bringing these core values back to crypto, revolutionising the top 100 and changing the game. The $DUP token promises to redefine the presale and meme coin scene as a space that’s defiant, rebellious, and strong.

Join The Uprising With Your Own Doge Mecha

This project offers the ability to join Doge Uprising with your own Doge Mecha simply by holding a Doge Uprising NFT. These act as your key to unlocking the Doge Uprising ecosystem, allowing you to become a pilot, a warrior, and a leader in this space. The Doge Mechas mean so much more than just a status symbol, they represent your spirit of resilience and act as access to an exclusive community. It’s time to step away from the 2D meme coins like Pepe Coin and Dogecoin. Doge Uprising has created a three-dimensional world, thriving with opportunities, privileges, and exclusive content.

Keep a close eye on the Doge Uprising website, your Doge Mechas will soon be mintable directly using ETH. Is it time to do something bigger with your portfolio and step inside this world of defiance?

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Inside The Revolutionary $DUP Token

The key to any successful uprising is allies, which is why Doge Uprising has chosen to harness the power of the ERC-20 blockchain for their token and ensure compatibility with other d’apps on the Ethereum blockchain. By keeping Ethereum as the technological backbone, the resistance narrative is seamlessly integrated into the blockchain framework. Ethereum breathes life into the Doge Mechas that live as NFTs on the blockchain, immortalized in the decentralized ledger.

The total supply of $DUP tokens is fixed at 450M. 60% is for the presale, 20% for exchanges, 5% for development, and 10% for airdrops. A vesting schedule will be implemented to ensure that token distribution is fair and transparent. Presale tokens will be fully available at the time of purchase whereas the tokens for marketing and development will be vested over a year, with a gradual unlock programme scheduled to continuously boost the project.

Could Doge Uprising Be The Next 10x Meme Coin?

Following the success of Pepe Coin in early 2023, Doge Uprising is bringing an expansive and immersive world to the meme coin scene. Doge Uprising has a thirst for revolution and a flair of defiance that we haven’t seen in the crypto space for a long time. While millions have been made by the likes of Dogecoin and Pepe Coin, the Doge Uprising presale has only just begun, and it looks like a promising project.

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