Litecoin And Atari Bring the Highly Anticipated Atari Token to The Market


Litecoin Foundation has announced its partnership with the US videogame producer Atari to make Litecoin an accepted means of payment for the soon to be launched Atari token. Atari is a US-based video game producer globally known for some of the most popular video games in history, like Centipede, Breakout, Asteroids, and others. Atari is one of the original and most iconic entertainment producers and consumer brands with a great reputation among gaming enthusiasts.

Aiming to Prosper Through Partners

The partnership between Litecoin Foundation and Atari will expand into multiple areas, such as the usage of Litecoin across gaming platforms in the Atari ecosystem and other potential ventures like joint merchandising. Atari will provide Litecoin users with the ability to use their digital coins in several ways throughout the Atari ecosystem. Being accepted as a means of payment into the soon to be launched Atari token, Litecoin will, therefore, be used as a means of investment.

Atari has ambitions for own cryptocurrency recognized as Atari Token but aims to integrate Litecoin as soon as possible. According to the report, Atari has set its sights to launch the Atari token in September 2020. Consumers will use the Atari token to track digital assets and manage purchases in the ecosystem and make payments in the recently announced Atari Casino, which provides casino games with buy-ins using cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, Litecoin will be used as an option for buying the much-expected new VCS Atari game console at an attractive discount. The VCS is an all-new set-top console hybrid of Atari, which will allow users not only to play hundreds of classic and modern video games but also to allow users to create and upload their own apps and games for others to enjoy.

Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, mentioned that he became a professional software engineer because he loved watching video games, and Atari is his first console.

Fred Chesnais, Atari CEO, said that low transaction costs and the ease-of-use of Litecoin would make the cryptocurrency a perfect fit for use alongside other projects and the Atari token.

A subsidiary of Atari, identified as Atari Chain Limited, has been established to lead the development of ongoing blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in entertainment-based industries.

Litecoin Foundation Partners with Cred to Let Crypto-Holders Earn Interest

Litecoin Foundation’s mission is to advance Litecoin cryptocurrency for the betterment of society by promoting and creating state-of-art blockchain technologies. The non-profit organization recently partnered with California-based licensed lender Cred to offer financial services to Litecoin holders. Cred is a leading cryptocurrency-backed lending and borrowing platform that serves clients in 190 countries. Such a partnership enables crypto customers to freeze their funds with Cred and earn up to ten percent interest on their digital assets. Litecoin Foundation, therefore, remains committed to advance revolutionary blockchain technologies mainly through Litecoin, which is a top 10 global cryptocurrency with a market cap that exceeds 3 billion dollars and is one of the most popular cryptos in the world.


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