MicroStrategy Boosts Bitcoin Holdings With $590 Million Purchase, Totaling 174,530 BTC


In a testament to its unwavering confidence in Bitcoin (BTC), MicroStrategy, one of the largest Bitcoin holding companies, has once again expanded its cryptocurrency portfolio. 

The company’s former CEO, Michael Saylor, announced the acquisition of an additional 16,130 BTC, valued at approximately $593 million. This strategic move comes as Bitcoin enters a phase of accumulation above the $37,000 mark.

MicroStrategy Adds To Bitcoin Stash

As announced, MicroStrategy’s latest purchase was made at an average price of $36,700 per Bitcoin. With this acquisition, the company’s total Bitcoin holdings now stand at an impressive 174,530 BTC. 

Throughout 2023 and previous years, MicroStrategy has consistently demonstrated its commitment to BTC, accumulating a substantial amount of the cryptocurrency. 

The total cost of MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investments exceeds $5.20 billion, with an average purchase price of $30,252 per Bitcoin. This significant investment reflects the company’s long-term bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s potential as a store of value and hedge against inflation.

As reported by NewsBTC, the company has reaped substantial gains from the recent uptrend in the overall cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin’s impressive price surge. With BTC experiencing a 36% increase since October, Microstrategy has now amassed over $1 billion in unrealized profits.

MSTR’s uptrend on the daily chart. Source: MSTR on TradingView.com

Notably, Bitcoin’s positive performance has directly impacted Microstrategy’s stock, traded under the ticker name MSTR. The stock has witnessed a significant surge in value, closely tied to the ongoing bullish momentum of BTC. 

On November 9, as Bitcoin reached its previous yearly high of $38,000, the price of MSTR stock also soared to an all-time high (ATH) of $533 per share. This milestone further proves Microstrategy’s successful investment strategy over the past three years.

Michael Saylor, a prominent advocate for Bitcoin, has been a vocal proponent of the cryptocurrency, emphasizing its superior qualities compared to traditional fiat currencies. 

MicroStrategy’s continued accumulation of Bitcoin reinforces Saylor’s conviction in its long-term prospects and serves as a testament to the company’s belief in the digital asset’s store-of-value properties.

Potential For Short-Term Pullback Looms

In a recent market update by the CryptoQuant author IT Tech, short-term insights on the Bitcoin derivatives market shed light on the current upward momentum and the potential for a minor pullback. 

According to the analysis, the ongoing upward momentum in the Bitcoin market heavily relies on perpetual movement. The rising price of Bitcoin has been a key driving force, contributing to the bullish sentiment. 

However, the Crypto Volatility Divergence (CVD) Spot indicator suggests a relatively flat movement in spot demand. This indicates that a significant increase in immediate spot demand may not support the current price surge.

In the absence of strong spot demand materializing in the market, IT Tech suggests a possible minor pullback in the near term. 

This potential pullback could be attributed to several factors, including profit-taking by traders or a lack of sustained buying pressure from spot investors.

BTC’s liquidation heatmap. Source: IT_TECH on X.

The analysis also highlights the possibility of Bitcoin liquidations in the short term, which could indicate further upward movement to liquidate late short positions. 

This suggests that additional buying pressure may be from those who have taken short positions on Bitcoin. As these shorts are liquidated, it could continue the upward trend.

The 1-day chart shows BTC’s sideways price action above $37,000. Source: BTCUSDT on TradingView.com

As of the latest update, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $37,600, showing a slight decrease of 0.5% over the past 24 hours. However, it has maintained a gain of 1.5% over the past seven days, indicating a period of consolidation for the cryptocurrency

Featured image from Shutterstock, chart from TradingView.com 


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