Nestle Partners with Carrefour To Track Origin of Baby Milk Products Using Blockchain



According to the latest report, drinks and food giant Nestle has partnered with French supermarket chain Carrefour. Such a partnership aims to track the supply chain of baby milk products using blockchain.

By using blockchain, the firms intend to advance the confidence of consumers in the quality of products by ensuring more transparency in the entire supply chain of baby milk products.

Adopting blockchain to track supply chain

The firms utilize IBM Food trust’s technical solution that runs on the Hyperledger

Fabric blockchain framework. The use of the blockchain platform is reported to offer increased transparency on checks and origins of baby milk products across the supermarket chain stores in France.  

The blockchain platform is now live at Carrefour stores across France. Using IBM’s solution, customers will be able to access nutritional and other information regarding baby milk products by scanning a QR code via their smartphones.

Nowadays, several companies emphasize on food traceability as consumers are becoming more aware of the products they consume. Consumers want to know that the ingredients used are sustainably and ethically sourced.

Carrefour said, in a media announcement, that the application of blockchain creates transparency across the supply chain. This, therefore, enables the brand and consumers to build trust. Carrefour also mentioned that using blockchain highlights the know-how, expertise, and care taken to ensure the quality of the baby nutrition products is maintained.

As a component of its Act for Food program, the giant supermarket has committed to the extensive use of blockchain to its product lines. Carrefour has made this move to guarantee consumers complete transparency concerning the channels through which products have passed. 

Nature of the joint partnership

A new three-way partnership is created to build transparency for all within the food industry.

Baby milk products manufactured by Laboratoires Guigoz – the French unit of Nestle – now can be tracked using blockchain across all the retailers.  

Based on the partnership, Carrefour will lend its expertise as a blockchain adopter whereas Nestle will share production and supply chain data for Laboratoires Guigoz’s milk products.

Based on its role, Laboratoires Guigoz is once again proud to strengthen its close ties with consumers.

While Nestle is a founding member of the IBM Food Trust consortium, Carrefour joined the consortium soon afterward.

However, the two giant retailers are not new to using blockchain within their internal operations. In April 2019, Nestle and Carrefour started to apply IBM’s blockchain to trace the supply chain process of Mousline – a famous brand company of instant mashed potatoes.


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