New Presale Milestone – Chimpzee Burns 1 Billion Tokens, Makes Donations to Save Wildlife in Ukraine


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The Chimpzee presale is closing in on its conclusion as it enters the 14th stage. There are 16 stages in the presale in total. Investors are piling in on the presale to hoard CHMPZ tokens before the next price rise. The current stage comes with up to 4X bonus for early participants.

Once the presale ends, the token will list on public crypto exchanges without any delay.

Chimpzee Crosses Another Presale Goal

In a first-of-its-kind approach, Chimpzee has promised to deliver predetermined goals on reaching a new presale milestone. For example, the project has planted 1,200 trees to restore the Brazilian rainforest, donated $15,000 to save elephants, and planted 20,000 trees in Guatemala.

As promised, Chimpzee will make a donation to save the forgotten animals in war-torn Ukraine this time. In addition to that, it has burned 1 Billion tokens to bring down the total supply to 36 Billion tokens. The project has been consistently bringing down the total supply of CHMPZ tokens to support its price action in favor of early investors.

Chimpzee Shop is Live to Explore

The Chimpzee Shop is an online store dedicated to offering a range of products such as t-shirts, tank tops, and mugs. They are all adorned with impactful messages that promote a sustainable planet.

Chimpzee merchandise provides customers with the opportunity to express their dedication and commitment to a more eco-friendly future.

The recent launch of the Chimpzee Shop represents the initial phase of a two-part opening. In its current phase, users can explore the diverse merchandise on the website and establish their personalized shop accounts. However, it’s important to note that the purchase functionality has not been enabled at this stage.

This is because Quality control tests are currently underway, and the team is in the final stages of negotiations with their payment provider.

The fully operational shop, where users can purchase Chimpzee gear and earn CHMPZ tokens as rewards, will be live soon. In addition to shopping, it will empower users to earn and track rewards.

Chimpzee encompasses a total of three pillars, one of which is the Chimpzee shop. Within this ecosystem, there are more avenues to earn rewards other than shopping, like participation in the Play-to-Earn and Trade-to-Earn sectors.

With Chimpzee, eco-conscious users can generate additional income while actively contributing to the conservation of our planet. Chimpzee is actively developing its NFT marketplace now. It is a pivotal component of its ecosystem built around the concept of trade-to-earn.

How Does Chimpzee Change Wildlife Conservation?

Chimpzee changes wildlife conservation by bringing crypto incentivization and blockchain tokenization into the picture.

The project displays a profound dedication to wildlife conservation. It actively allocates a portion of its profits to support legitimate environmental projects as discussed above. Partnerships with projects like WILD Foundation, Rainforest Rescue, The Giving Block, and One Tree Planter help it achieve these goals.

The completed initiatives are ahead of their planned roadmap and have significantly helped accelerate the CHMPZ token presale.

With Chimpzee reaching new milestones in its ongoing presale, which has now exceeded the $1.7M milestone at the time of writing, the project remains committed to contributing to more worthwhile initiatives.

Market Volatility Addressed Through Staking and Burning

Staking and burning help Chimpzee maintain a healthy value despite the volatile movements that the crypto market often falls prey to. Staking is designed to promote token holding with the promise of rewards while burning slashes the supply over time to support price action. It helps early investors make the most of the project’s growth.

Invest in Chimpzee with CHMPZ Tokens or Chimpzee NFTs

You can invest in Chimpzee by buying any of its two core assets – Chimpzee crypto tokens or Chimpzee NFTs. While Chimpzee crypto tokens are used for all payments within the ecosystem, Chimpzee NFTs boost the earning potential.

When joining the currency-stage presale, investors can take advantage of the bonuses and discounts live. This is how the bonus works:

  • $150+ 120,000
  • $250+ 206,000
  • $500+ 480,000 with 1.5X Bonus
  • $1000+ 1,080,000 with 2X Bonus
  • $5000+ 8,000,000 with 4X Bonus (VIP Level)

To calculate the cost of your presale purchase, factoring in the bonus, visit

In stage 14, the tokens are selling for $0.00125 per piece. On entering the next stage, the price will rise to $0.0014. The listing price of the token is $0.00185.

How High Can Chimpzee Pump?

In addition to FOMO, the key factor that will work in favor of Chimpzee is the upcoming launch of the full-fledged Chimpzee Shop and NFT Marketplace.

The milestones ahead have the potential to catalyze a substantial price surge for Chimpzee.

The surge is anticipated to range anywhere from 6X to 10X, contingent on the dynamics of the broader market. Chimpzee’s theme, being resonant with the meme coin market, is expected to add momentum to the initial upswing.



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