Samsung Users Can Now Access TRON Blockchain Network from Their Devices

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Blockchain is currently one of the most hyped and widely discussed technologies. This time around, the technology is rocking the telecom industry. Although blockchain technology carries the potential to disrupt business models in telecoms, it can enhance efficiencies and transparency in the process.

Mobile phones with blockchain network are on their way to becoming a reality. Already, there are some telecom companies, which have discovered the potential benefits of integrating this technology into cell phones.

Reasons for TRON network integration

TRON is one of the more famous crypto projects, which have been incorporated with Samsung blockchain KeyStore.

On the Samsung blockchain KeyStore, already there are four cryptocurrencies, which currently are supported by the wallet: Klaytn (KLAY), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and TRON (TRX).

The KeyStore provides a platform for users to manage their digital keys and private information. Therefore, the integration of TRON with the KeyStore software development kit will enable Samsung users to access applications on the TRON blockchain via Samsung devices.  

Some of the benefits associated with such integration include using crypto-wallets and deploying decentralized applicationsThe incorporation of TRON network into Samsung smartphones not only favor users in terms of security but also it could facilitate the direct integration of crypto-wallets. This eliminates the use of third-party applications that are normally too complex for most users. With crypto-wallets, Samsung users can manage their digital money.

Furthermore, the integration strengthens the usability and security of services (i.e., decentralized applications and crypto-wallets) based on blockchain.

TRON’s latest developments

Recently, TRON successfully upgraded the Odyssey protocol. This would enable the network to become more decentralized and make information traceable and accessible by everyone.

The price of TRON’s cryptocurrency has significantly increased. Thanks to this latest announcement together with the developing stories that China’s president has encouraged greater investment in blockchain-based technologies. Currently, TRX is trading at around $0.19 and it back among 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.


Blockchain holds a promising future. Samsung is one of a few telecoms that have tapped into this technology. It would not be surprising to see other telecom companies continue adopting blockchain to better serve their customers. This new integration will enable the adoption of TRON blockchain by millions of Samsung users to become a reality.   


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