SlowMist Reports Surge in Diverse Crypto Security Incidents for the Week of September 17-23, 2023


Key Takeaways

Total security incidents reported: 7

Estimated financial loss: Approximately $380,600

Notable trend: Increase in phishing attacks and rug pull tactics

New attack methods: DNS hijacking, contract vulnerability, and phishing attempts

Breakdown of Incidents

Phishing Attacks:

Unimevbot users were targeted through malicious MEV bot codes on the website. The exact loss remains undisclosed, but funds were transferred to the hacker’s on-chain address.

Coinbase Wallet also fell victim to a phishing attack that exploited the Web3 messaging network protocol. The exact financial impact is yet to be reported.

Contract Vulnerabilities:

Linear Finance exposed its $LUSD token to an exploit attack due to a contract vulnerability. No specific loss has been reported.

Rug Pulls:

BNBpay and YZER were involved in rug pull incidents, with losses amounting to approximately $114,000 and $28,600, respectively, following significant liquidity removals.

DNS Hijacking:

Balancer was targeted in a DNS hijacking attack by a phishing group known as AngelDrainer, resulting in a loss of around $238,000.

Infrastructure Vulnerability:

An unspecified infrastructure vulnerability led to significant funding and team token loss for a project named “None.” The exact financial impact remains undisclosed.


The Slowmist report underscores the increasing complexity and diversity of attacks in the crypto and blockchain landscape. SlowMist urges users to remain vigilant and adopt comprehensive security strategies.

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