This play-to-earn game offers NFTs linked to physical items like gold


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Blockchain gaming is going from strength to strength — underpinned by the explosion of nonfungible tokens, which continue to achieve mainstream adoption. The FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project is building on this momentum by allowing NFTs to be redeemed for a coveted, real-world object: a physical golden egg.

First came the console, then the humble PC. Smartphones soon came along and transformed the entertainment industry entirely — making games free to play, and putting them in the hands of consumers in emerging economies.

Now, blockchain technology and nonfungible tokens (NFT) are ushering in the next wave of innovation. Once, in-game assets couldn’t be transported from one title to another, traded freely with others, and sold on secondary markets. Web3 makes this possible — all while allowing avid players to receive recognition and rewards in exchange for their time. The days of wasting hundreds of hours on a game and getting almost nothing in return are coming to an end.

Of course, some hurdles need to be overcome first. A 2022 report released by the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) showed that industry professionals found poor gameplay and complex onboarding as the main challenges that hinder mass adoption. Gamers deserve an easy-to-use interface with fun storylines and interesting avatars.

The experience also needs to be beyond monetization — ensuring there’s much more on offer than NFTs.

That’s where the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project comes in. It has launched a new title that aims to take play-to-earn gaming to the next level by allowing users to win free gold eggs by getting involved.

A golden opportunity

Golden Egg Wonderland starts off with the story of a painter called Turtlen, who created vibrant artwork of birds and dreamed of one that could lay a golden egg. Suddenly, one of his drawings came to life.

In this game, users have the chance to raise their own “turtori” — and make a collection that can crossbreed with one another. The higher rarity and status Turtori have a higher chance to lay golden egg NFTs, and in a novel development, gamers can redeem this for a real-world equivalent. Each character has been illustrated by an artist called Kamerian. — an up-and-coming star.

To start playing the game, players should set up a FRUITS Wallet. Aside from giving them access to gameplay, the FRUITS Wallet also allows players to purchase FRTS Coins. These coins can be exchanged for blue diamonds which boost gamers’ chances of getting higher rarity birds. The higher the rarity and status of the birds, the higher the chance that they lay a golden egg, and the higher the chance it’s bigger.

All of this comes as interest in gold continues to grow following high levels of inflation around the world — eroding the earnings of everyday consumers.

Golden Egg Wonderland’s developers believe that if their project is successful, it has the potential to usher in the wave of a new gold market. Gold is notoriously difficult to carry and transport, but NFTs backed by this precious metal can be owned, bought, sold, exchanged and redeemed in a digital setting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to be used to determine how many golden eggs will be issued in the game every month, based on the amount of gold that’s been generated in the real world. Every coveted Golden Egg NFT will also be assigned a unique serial number for maximum transparency and security. This adds a fascinating economic element to the game and opens the door to blurring the lines between the game and the real world — all connected through the blockchain.

The team behind Golden Egg Wonderland is hoping to make a splash on the world stage — opening a booth at Tokyo’s Blockchain Expo on October 25.

And in time, the project plans to collaborate with a plethora of famous fighters, athletes, artists and musicians to champion the “turtori” project.

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