TRON Launches Sidechain Solution & Aims to List on Coinbase


Decentralized application platform, Tron (TRX) announced the launch of its sidechain solution, the Sun Network, as revealed in the company’s blog on 11 August. (19).jpg

The Sun Network is a scaling solution that aims to provide unlimited scalability to the Tron MainNet. The Network incorporates several scaling projects such as DAppChain, which is a sidechain scaling project that offers unlimited scalability to the Tron MainNet 

There are two distinguishing features of Sun Network compared to other scaling solutions: 

1) The network focuses on improving the transaction processing systems of the smart contract transactions as well as lowering transaction fees. 

2) The sidechain development can satisfy more customized requirements, such as transaction rates, transaction confirmation speed and setting sidechain incentives.

Tron founder, Justin Sun tweeted on 10 August that it is the company’s number one priority to get Tron listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase after Tron supporters raised a concern on whether US citizens can trade TRX in Coinbase in a tweet on the same day. 



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